Laguna Beach Gossip: I Heart Cami

Time for the obligatory, “I’m getting too old for this crap.” Well folks we are officially halfway through the season of Laguna Beach. How do I know this you ask? Well it’s Spring Break, baby! That’s right, just like the other 2 seasons, Spring Break is always and only in Cabo. Aren’t these kids supposed to be mad rich? Even I could afford to go farther than walking distance from my house when I had spring break. These guys basically pack up their crap and walk two blocks and they’re on spring break. I had guessed that it would be said 4 times, “What happens in Cabo stays in Cabo!” Seriously, kill yourself. You know these kids are going to buy all the stereotypical spring break stuff: T-shirt that says, “One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila, Floor,” yard glasses from Senor Frogs, they’ll get their hair braided, and even buy a wooden duck off the lady that works on the beach. So, enough about that, let’s continue on. Here is what I learned on this weeks horrific episode of Laguna Beach:
  • Cami Rules
  • Cami wears a pink housecoat to the airport and to the pool. Somehow she added a captains hat to her outfit to top things off. She literally looked like a bottle of pepto bismal with the pink shirt and white hat. Good for her.
  • Tessa and Rocky are going on spring break to Virginia, yes Virginia. Seriously? The people who live in Virginia don’t even want to be there. Why the hell would they choose that as the vacation spot?
  • Tyler brought his mom to Cabo. I actually forgot for a second that they were all on spring break when they showed his mom. What the hell?
  • Cami’s boobs manage to almost fall out of every shirt she wears.
  • Breanna is going to Cabo too with Lexi.
  • Breanna kissing someone is like watching a cat fall out of a tree. You don’t want to watch it, but you kinda have to.
  • Tyler likes to smoke on the dance floor while he dances. You know, because that makes sense.
  • Cami and Kyndra may have had a fight in the last two minutes but I couldn’t really tell because they were talking way to fast, said “for sure” a lot and talk with potatoes in their mouth.

All in all this was a disappointing episode. Although, next week is the prom where they decide to “surprise ask” their dates to the prom. No clue why, but they do.

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