Lagina Creek Part 4??

Sometimes Santa doesn’t answer my letters and sometimes he does. Sometimes that fat bastard even eats my cookies and drinks my milk. Fat ass. Anyway, an avid IBBB reader and super secret super spy has passed a little information my way. Now this source is a drunken skank, but still I trust skanks, usually. Rumor (Willis) has it that Cami, Kendra, and Lexie from Laguna Beach 3 may be working on some type of new project together. This is at very early stages so there isn’t much more to report, yet, but I’m hoping that they’re braining back my favorite train wreck, Laguna Beach. Hopefully they’re giving Douche-Bag Creek (Newport Harbor) the boot! I’m also hoping that if Laguna Beach comes back they freshen up the title to something like “Lagina Creek Part 4.” It has a real nice ring to it.

The bottom line is that if Cami and crew can come crashing into our living rooms again via “the television” then all is right with the world. Please make this happen, Santa and Jesus, please!
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