Jason Wahler Arrested Again, Again

Woo-hoo! Just because MTV’s The Hill’s is over for the season doesn’t mean that we won’t be hearing about what is going on with the extended cast. Jason Wahler decided to trump Jessica’s recent arrest with getting arrested, again. Jason was arrested over the weekend (4th time in 9-months) for criminal trespassing and assault. I guess it doesn’t help when you call the arresting officer a “n*ger, fa**ot, and a poor f*ck. I hear that is “frowned upon.” Apparently Jason punched one of the security guards at a hotel right in the mouth. After he ran, Jason was found intoxicated and passed out in the hotel. Good times. I can’t wait to see what Jessica is going to do to top this. I bet she’ll kill someone. Cami would never pull this crap.

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