Kristin Cavallari Turns 21, I Turn 121

Nothing quite makes me feel like I’m turning 121 quite like Kristin Cavallari turning 21. 21? Who the hell is 21 anymore? Kristin, from Laguna Beach and possibly “The Hills”, turned 21 and celebrated her b-day in Vegas, baby! You may be looking around the table and noticing that she’s with a bunch of randoms, including the cock-eyed chick staring at her boobs, but she was with some fellow Laguna Beach rejects, such as Alex M. No word yet if Cami was in attendance.

Anyway, the best part of this story? Kristin Cavallari is single again. I totally have a chance. I know, I know you’re all going to say she’s a big bitch, etc, etc but I love girls like that. Back to the b-day fiesta. When Kristin was asked about drinking she explained, “My first official drink was Grey Goose and soda. It’s really exciting! I can go to the clubs and not worry about anything!” Um, you still need to worried about having someone slip drugs into your drink and your chances increase by 76.66% if I’m in the club with her. What? Just sharing.

Kristin is tight lipped (and that’s probably all) when asked about her possibly joining the cast of The Hills. All she would say was, “It’s a great show.” It is, Kristin, it is.

Me gusta Kristin Cavallari.
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