Kristin Cavallari Steals Audrina’s Justin Bobby and Then Her Hat


One of our favorite fauxlity show fauxlebrities, Kristin Cavallari, was off to get her hair did at Anastasia Salon in Beverly Hills 90210 the other day.  Sporting Audrina’s signature Freddie Kruger black hat and skull scarves, Kristin appeared less than pleased by the paparazzi snapping photos of her whilst she walked into the salon and texting on her Blackberry all at the same time.  What a true talent!

Kristin is back to “work” and “filming” some new “scenes” for The Hills.  Just the other day she and her faux arch nemesis, Audrina “Teefs” Patridge were seen eating together at the House Cafe in West Hollywood late last week.  Well, there is no proof that actual food was ingested, but we’ll have to just wait and see for ourselves when The Hills begins airing again, reportedly, in the Spring.  How many more sleeps is that?!

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