Kristin Cavallari Makes Golf Watchable

I know you guys are rolling your eyes and dotting your t’s, but I still love me some Kristin Cavallari. Sure her voice is annoying, but have you ever heard my Boston accent? It’s a match made in heaven and by “heaven” I really mean “jail.” Kristin Cavallari was taking her best put at a random celebrity gold tournament in Miami, Florida just the other day. Finally, golf is watchable. I like the fact that she’s wearing high heeled skank shoes whilst on the course and a dress short enough that she could have easy access to one of those little mini-golf pencils, should she choose to store one up there. I think it’s efficient.

Anyway, when are those rumors going to start up again that Kristin is to appear on The Hills. Did I start those rumors? One may never know. Regardless, she should “put on pause” those direct-to-dvd movies that she’s so good at and come back to what she does best: Looking hot and acting like a total “C” on fauxality TV shows for MTV.

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