Kristin Cavallari Just Turned 23? My Life Sucks.



Finally an answer to my daily burning question, “Why do I feel like such a perv.”  Well the answer apparently is because Kristin Cavallari is only 23 years old.  How is it that I’ve aged like 10 years since Laguna Beach and Kristin has only aged 5 years?  Ahhh TV magic!

Singer/actress/politician/scientist, Kristin Cavallari, was all pissed off smiles, eye rolls, and secret peeks over her shoulder on the red carpet at Eve nightclub in Las Vegas over the weekend celebrating her 23rd birthday.

You can catch up with Kristin on The Hills Season 6 which, sadly, will be back with the rest of the D-Bag Bunch like Audrina, Heidi, and Spencer.  Now that the theme “The Bitch is Back” has already been done for Season 5, hopefully Kristin will diddle Enzo or something and spend some time in the slammer in order to spice things up.

Check out more photos of Kristin at her 23rd birthday below.

kristin-cavallari-3 kristin-cavallari-4 kristin-cavallari-5 kristin-cavallari-6

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