Kristin Cavallari is Not a Judge and You Can’t Make Her One, So Just Stop!



Kristin Cavallari and her raspy ecstasy voice was all legs whilst at the premiere of “When in Rome” at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood the other night.  This chick is disappearing right before our very own eyes.  Hopefully she’s not on the toothbrush diet, but either way it’s working for her.

Kristin recently spoke (100 mph) with Entertainment Tonight about the recent body mutilation/plastic surgery of Heidi Montag and if you were thinking “the bitch is back” she’s not.  Kristin rambled, “I’ve seen the pictures. Who are we to say what she can and can’t do? We’re not the ones that have to live in that body. If it makes her happy, then go ahead. It’s not my body… Do I think she’s very young? Yes. I’m 23 and she’s 23, it’s very young to be getting that amount of work done. Would I do it? No. But it’s not me.”

Terribly said, Kristin, terribly said.  What do you mean ” who are we to say what she can and can’t do?”  Uh, I’m to say.  I say it.  I’ll say it.  You should say it to.  Heidi has turned herself into a fem-bot-pre-op-tranny-frankenstein-audrina-eyed-lollipop-head-cat-lady-lookalike-freak and I’m to say that she should not have had any of that work done.  I may not have to live in that robotic body (thank Jesus Claus), but I’m the one who has to look at on television and, well, I don’t pay $123.00/month to see the “before photos” from the cast of Cocoon every Monday night at 10pm.

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