Kim Kardashian’s Ass Needs to File Its Own Taxes

I am truly amazed by what is considered Kim Karashian’s ass. No really, I am. It isn’t normal and it isn’t hot. I think she thinks it is which is why she always poses with it sticking out. Who stands like that? It’s kinda like having that zit on your forehead and then going directly up to a camera and make someone take a picture of it. What is it that Kim Kardashian actually does again? I know she has a huge ass. I’m at a loss after that.
Anyway Kim and her illegal ass were partying it up at Karya nightclub in LA (where else) over the weekend. Kim will also be debuting her new reality show shortly on E! Entertainment Television. Hopefully it will be as popular as “Katie and Peter,” a real hit. Here’s an image for you. What do you think that ass is going to look like once Kim hits middle age? Still going to be sticking it out, Kim? Yeah, didn’t think so. By then I’m sure she’ll have a matching fupa. Fuptastic!
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