This Kid’s Drawing is the Stuff Nightmares are Made Of



Welcome back to  “Kids Picture This.” The concept is simple. I find kids drawings. I then critique them. Sometimes I critic them. Get it? Let’s go….

It’s really nice to try and save the environment, but you know what else is really nice too, little Lizzy? How about paying attention in Spelling class. “Plollute?” Really? You’re telling me “Don’t Plollute.” Is that correct? Now does “plolluting” consist of walking down a steep hill and cracking open a can of sh*t and pouring it in the river? I don’t know why you think it’s such a bad idea because your white fish seem to love it. Oh, and white fish, little Lizzy? Yeah, I bet everything in your “ideal world” is white. Might as well get that pointy white robe and start calling yourself Grand Wizard now.

And what the hell is up with that golf bag/trash can? Doesn’t look like there’s too much trash in there because I’m pretty sure that an ant is carrying it away. I know, I know, you can’t keep an eye on your can-o-sh*t and that golf bag because, clearly, you’re missing an eyeball and the other eye seems to be covered with some sort of patch. Maybe some of the blindingly red hair dye your mom added to your hair has dripped into the old eyes and blinded you? I bet that was more of a “bad idea” than all that “plolutting,” am I right?

Ugh and go easy with the size of some of those letters. We’re not all blind like you. Is that supposed to be a “T” at the end of the word “don’t” or is that the actual cross that they used on Jesus? Anyway, Lizzy, assuming the ant doesn’t run away with that, good luck with your golf game…and spelling lessons.

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