Reason #6,639 Why I Love Kelly Cutrone and Want to Split a 30 Pack With Her


I don’t care that you’re all probably getting sick of my obsession with all things Kelly “Kiki” Cutrone.  I may start calling her Kiki.  I’m not sure yet.  Anyonlywearblack, while performing my daily rituals which consist of saying my prayers, thinking of new ways to sellout, trying to figure out why in the hell my teeth are so damn white, looking for my Chapstick, and searching for new video clips of Kiki Cutrone….I found this quick clip, in which we get to see Kiki enjoying some animation poking fun at herself, Lauren, and Stephanie Pratt.  Hearing Kiki squeal with delight whilst watching this clip has given me hope that she reads my “The City Recaps” and beams with pride over my writing and jokes.  One day I will split a 30 pack of Coors Light with Kiki Cutrone and we will video tape it and post it on Youtube.  Actually, I’m asking Santa for that to happen this Christmas.

Speaking of cartoon Cutrone, check out my own cartoon of Kiki Cutrone.

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