My Little Kelly Cutrone’s Night on the Town


I mean it’s like she won’t ever invite me to anything!  Blessed Mother Kelly Cutrone made a public appearance and showed up all smiles to the “Objects of Life” opening at the Robert Miller Gallery in New York City last night.  Braving the frigid temperatures and howling winds, my little Kiki Cutrone sported her black hood and multi-layered black clothing to keep warm.  Soon thereafter we got a little smile from the Kikinator 3000.  Other celebrities in attendance were Jessica Lange, Michael Stipe, Calvin Klein, Patti Smith, and Not Me.  So, well, thanks for the invite.

As popular as Kelly is from her kick-arse career and her time spent as the boss from the heavens on The Hills and The City, Kiko is going to blow up even more when her new reality show, Kell on Earth, begins airing on Bravo on Feb 1st.  That’s someone else who won’t hire me.  Bravo.  Geesh.  I mean Oprah tells me to dream big, but I’m having a hard time believing her!

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