Kelly Cutrone Launches an F-Bomb on Fox News. Yes, It's Possible That My Love For Her Has Grown Stronger.


Is it just me or is Kelly Cutrone taking over the world?  Thank Santa Christ because everywhere I look, there she is.  Perhaps it’s just me stalking her.  Hard to tell.  Anyway, IBBB has legit received over 36 emails yesterday with some form of Kelly Cutrone information.  From “Kell on Earth” airing on Feb 1st on Bravo, to Kelly Cutrone recapping episodes of The City on MTV, so this fine gem of Kelly Cutrone say the F-word live on Good Day New York. Somehow I’ve become your one-stop-shop for all things Cutrone.  Anyway my favorite part is at the end when she just yells out, “Whoa there you go!” after she drops the F-bomb. I couldn’t love someone I don’t personally know any more than I do.  I could try, but I would fail.


*Special thanks to PantyLinePress for the additional heads up on this

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