Let’s Go Meet Kelly Cutrone at Her New York City Book Signing!


Blessed Mother Kelly “Kiki” Cutrone will, literally, be about 3 stops on the A Express Train from my apartment in NYC and assuming all restraining orders are null and void in the new year I may just go and see her.   You see, My Little Kiki Cutrone will be holding a book signing on February 2nd at 7pm at the Barnes & Noble in Lincoln Center for her new book, “If You Have to Cry…Go Outside.”

Is this something that I should live blog?  Is there an after-party I need to know about?  Do I wind up in prison if I show up to this?  I’m not sure of the rules.  All I know is that Kell on Earth starts up on Feb 1st on Bravo and then Kelly Cutrone is signing books the next day just minutes from my apartment.  Should I invite her over for a beer?  A 30 pack?!  It’s all coming together now!  Maybe she’ll finally want to add me to her new show where I just follow her around all day giving her hugs and laughing at everything she says?  Maybe she’ll put me in a headlock and we’ll take a picture?  Sky is the limit.

If I can drag someone to go with me I just may have all my dreams come true.  Oh, and by “my dreams” I really mean “Kelly’s nightmares.”

Let’s Be Facebook Friends.  It’ll Be Awkward.  You’ll Love It!

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