If You Miss Kelly Cutrone, Don’t…

…because she’s going to adding Youtube clips to her Pubic Revolution account until Bravo finally confirms a 2nd season of Kell on Earth.  See what I did there?  I made it seem like I had turned on Kiki Cutrone-trone, but I have nothing but love for her and her troop of sweatshop workers/interns.

This time around we get to see Kiki and Andrew Mugawhore quickly yell into the camera about clothes that they’ve bought and how they miss not having a TV show.  They yell into the camera the same way my sister and I would when we were about 8 and 12 at a wedding reception in the 80’s.  It was brilliant then and, well, it’s brilliant now.

Since Kelly and crew refuse to have me have anything to do with their show, perhaps they’ll reconsider having me split a 30 pack with them all while we tape it for YouTube to show the dangers of stalker drinking.  And, well, if then I can convince them to knock over a 7-11 with me and pee on the street corner then all the better.

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