And Where Do You Think You’re Running Off to, Cutrone?


Look who’s playing all camera shy?  Blessed Mother Kelly Cutrone (of the SoHo Cutrone’s) tried running out of the picture that was being taken of  Peaches Geldorf at the Nylon Magazine Young Hollywood Party that was held at the Roosevelt Hotel in LA the other night.  I have no idea what a Peaches Geldorf is, but I am (of course) pissed off that Kelly Cutrone was at another party that I wasn’t invited to.  So rude.  It’s like she doesn’t even know me any more.  Well it’s almost summertime in NYC so I’ll be waiting for personal invites in the very near future.

Kelly Cutrone wasn’t the only one of your favorite MTV fauxlebrities that stopped by the Nylon party.  Nope.  Check out Whitney Port, Kristin Cavallari, and Stephanie Pratt below.  You’re welcome.

nylon-stephanie-pratt nylon-whitney-port-ben-nemtim nylon-kristin-cavallari nylon-steph-pratt nylon-whitney-port

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