Can’t “Kell on Earth” Just Start Already?!


I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been talking about Kell on Earth for 2 decades or if it’s just my unhealthy obsession with all thing Kiko Cutrone, but why can’t the show just start already?!  Bravo (who also won’t hire me) has posted another 2 minute teaser which is filled with lots of F-bombs, eye rolls, yelling, and even my little Kelly Cutrone dressed as an old-school Indian.  Yes, I said Indian.  You can call it a Native American, but I’m not going to and you can’t really make me.  Anycrap, in this clip Kelly talks about the fashion world being at war, yells at a bunch of interns, and we’re introduced to some of the other cast members that Kelly has given nicknames to like “Snow White With Razor Blades.”  Brilliant.  There is even a touching moment with her daughter, Ava, and, well, if Kelly would consider managing my blogging career and publicity I would, in turn, be her daughters new dad.  Just putting it out there.

Check out the clip below.  This show better be worth recapping or I’m quitting the blog. I kid.  I would never do that…..again……unless something better came along…..then I’d just hire someone to blog and impersonate me and my writing.  Perhaps a 4th grader.  I’ll decide then.

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