In Justin Bobby Haircut News…

If Audrina is going to smile big, her teeth are going to act like a lighthouse to the paprazzi whilst trying to hide. I said about 2-months ago that Justin Bobby looks like he got a haircut and I legit got hate mail because of that. That’s no a joke. I mean, it technically makes both of us losers, but still. Everyone was all “Noooo Justin Bobby’s hair is just in a bun” and I was all “what’s a bun?” Anyway, Audrina and JBob were roaming the streets like a couple of homeless gypsies – Audrina with her shiny chicklets and Justin Bobby with his high-pants and boots.

These photos were captured by FlyNetOnline in case you couldn’t tell by their name across the pictures and supposedly one of the producers Adam DiVello had this to say about Justin Bobby, “He’s a changed man, pyschically and emotionally.” Translation –> rehabbed.

If there are any producers, script-writers, assistants, interns, stylists, cue-card holders, etc that are associated with The Hills, please contact me and let’s sit down and play “interview.” Thanks!

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