Audrina and Justin Bobby Still Strong

North America’s favorite couple (sorry South America) Audrina “Teef” Patridge and Justin “JBob” Bobby were all weird stares and bright teeth while they headed into the 5-year anniversary party of Ashton Kutcher’s restaurant “Dolce.” While these two wild, crazy, and scripted kids were photographed together, while inside the dinner fiesta it has been said that “the couple” did not interact with each other. Really? I find that hard to believe. What would they talk about anyway?

Audrina: “Cheeseburgers?”
JBob: “F them, you know?”
Audrina: “Silver rings with bright lights on my sandwich, but never green 7’s on a Monday.”
JBob: “Totally.”

No joke, this is the level of intelligence between these two as a couple.
As a sidenote, besides this picture, have recent photos of Audrina made it seem like her rack-attack is expanding? Either it’s strange photo angles, or my letters to Santa and prayers to my sweet Jesus are FINALLY being answered. Thank you SantJesus Claus!
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