So Who Exactly Shows Up to a Jodie Sweetin Book Signing, You Ask? I know! I Know!





It’s times like this that I’m glad the world hasn’t ended yet.  I’ve always wondered who showed up to a Jodie Sweetin book signing.  Now had I been in LA I would have, for sure, showed up and just started yelling out Full House references like I was a pervert with turrets.  However, I know I can’t be the only crazy who would be there and, well, I wasn’t wrong.  Check out the dude in the green t-shirt sitting Right. Up. Front.  In case you can’t read his t-shirt it says, and I quote, “Life is To Short to Hunt With an Ugly Gun.”  And you totally know he was sitting there with his hands down his pants and foaming from the mouth.  Now I can’t prove this for sure, but I’m almost certain the man in the left of the picture with the white (gag) ponytail (puke) that looks like it itches and smells like the ring-around-the-tub that Lindsay Lohan leaves is probably Papouli in disguise.  I know that son-of-a-bi*ch wasn’t dead.  I knew it!

Anyway, I hope to one day interview Jodie Sweetin for this here blog so, well, someone make that happen or never come around these parts again, ya hear!  In the meantime, check out some other photos of Sweetits from her book signing of UnSweetined at Barnes and Noble in LA the other day.

jodie-sweetin-book-4   jodie-sweetin-book-5   jodie-sweetin-book-signing-1   jodie-sweetin-book-signing-2

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