Jodie Sweetin Pregnant. Uncle Jessie, Where Were You?

Update: Even though I linked multiple times to the source of a sweet Jodie Sweetin story, they contacted me and requested I remove the pictures and shorten the story. Lame. I’ve decided to remove all of it, including their links, but I added a photo of Stephanie Tanner in her bee costume, just because. Geesh. Papouli would be extremely disappointed in them. Feel free to discuss your favorite Full House moments here. Boooo to them.
Oh I hope Jodie does a reality show. I totally want Ant Beck’s to make guest appearances along with DJ’s old boyfriend Steve, and that kid that played Stephanie’s friend “duck lips.” Then, on a bi-weekly basis they could specifically discuss the episode in which Papouli died and Michelle tried to cry, but looked like she was taking a crap while hugging Uncle Jessie. Hmm, speaking of Michelle, who’s going to explain to her how Stephanie got pregnant? Maybe Uncle Jessie and Ant Beck’s can demonstrate. They’ll call it “doing their taxes.” Bonus points for those of you who remember that episode.

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