DJ Tanner and Stephanie Tanner: Reunited and It Feels So Good!

Not only did I get a ton of emails from you, the readers, about Candace Cameron and Jodie Sweetin together having lunch at The Ivy on Robertson Boulevard in LA, but the majority of you also let me know in the emails that Santa has answered my prayers. And you know what? It’s totally true. I say my prayers to Santa using my Santa Rosary Beads, which consist of all the reindeers and Mrs Claus, and look what happens! DJ and Stephanie are together again. Ole!

DJ is looking pretty good. Looks like all those years of having Paula Abdul and Janet Jackson posters above her bed have finally paid off. I mean, I don’t know how it paid off, but I feel like it did. Stephanie, on the other hand, is certainly “boobs to the wind” but I can’t seem to shake that white-trash feeling I get when I see her. Maybe it’s her trailer park hair?

Regardless, I’m still pushing for Kimmie Gibbler to complete the Holy Full House Trinity.

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