Who The Hell is He Always Pointing At?!


Ugh.  Why always the pointing with the fingers?  Who do you see, Pauly?  Just tell us for Christ sakes.  Use your words, Pauly, use your words.

A lifelike Troll Doll, Pauly D from Jersey Shore, made a red carpet appearance in Vegas the other night to attend the premiere of “She’s Out of My League” which was held at Planet Hollywood.  Are they really still building Planet Hollywood’s?  If I really wanted to eat Demi Moore’s Cap’n Crunch chicken I’d fly to Los Angeles and dig through her trash like every other self respecting American.

In other Jersey Shore news, apparently the Douche Bag Brigade is not allowed (per legal contract) by MTV to drink alcohol while making any appearances until they start filming the new season of Jersey Shore in Miami.  At first I thought this was ridiculous, but then I realized it’s brilliant.  It’s simply math, actually.  Lowering Their Alcohol Tolerance For the Next 2 Weeks + Binge Drinking During Day 1 of Filming = Assault, Battery, and Probably Homicide.

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