Welcome to America. This is All You Need to Become Rich.


JWoww ShamWow and Grandpa Situation showed us exactly what it takes to get on a television series in the United States.  JWoww, the self proclaimed Guidette, points to exactly where she had to place something in order to get cast on Jersey Shore and Grandpa Sitch wanted to make sure that Jesus was as close to his abs as possible.  Oh, and nice Marlboro Lights, p*ssy.

The two randoms were at Miami’s Mansion club in Miami Beach and hosting the International Wednesday’s night.  At this time it’s reported that both JWoww and Grandpa are getting $10,000 per appearance.  To quote my sister, “Only in America do you get paid $10,000 for being a complete douchebag.”  Very true, and wise.  Reason #1,547,901 why the United States will one day be blown off planet earth.

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