Uh, Where Did Their Tans Go?


Hmmm, with their tans not in full effect I’ve noticed that the cast of Jersey Shore seem less interesting.  Don’t get me wrong, next to Vinny and JWoww ShamWow’s black clothes, Snooki just looks like floating eyes and teeth, but I’m already starting to feel a little ho-hum over them.  And you totally know Angelina is still kicking herself in the ass for leaving the show.  I mean, she’ll be thanking her sweet Jesus in years to come when she interviews for an actual job, but for now I’m sure she’s pissed.

The Jersey Shore cast of characters made sure to live it up on New Years Eve at the MTV Studios.  I’m glad at least that Ronnie did the obligatory “peace fingers” for the camera.  The rest of them are barely even putting in any stereotypical effort.  D+.

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