The Jersey Shore Cast Head to The View


As the Douche-Bag Press Tour continues to criss-cross applesauce all over the United States, one of the next stops for the Jersey Shore cast is on ABCs “The View.”  My little Snooki, JWoww ShamWow, Grandpa Situation, Pauly D/Ellen Travolta, Sammi SweatStains, Ronnie the Stump, and Vinny are all scheduled to appear on the Feb 23rd episode.  You totally know that this is the day that Barbara Walters will have the day off.  Whoopi will have no clue who any of them are and Elizabeth will claim they are all anti-American.  Joy will be too busy doing her 1980’s standup routine and Sherri will think Snooki is her long lost twin sister.  Should I have said “Spoiler Alert” before I wrote all that?

After you’ve completed your GTL, be sure to check out the d-bag brigade at 11am on Feb 23rd on ABC.

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