Snooki’s Boyfriend Wants to Put Her on a Diet. I Say Lose the “Freakin’ Poof” and Automatically Drop 15 Pounds.


Honestly, all I see if a floating head.  The Rhea Perlman of our generation, Snooki Polizzi, and her boyfriend, Emilio Masella, are officially in love and probably will be until the new season of Jersey Shore starts filming.  Snooki’s boyfriend told People, “We both started feeling it at the same time.”  I assume he’s referring to the burning sensation in their crotches, but I digest.  He continued, “I’m trying to train her, but she’s always on the road. I wrote up a diet for her. I’m trying to get her to start dieting and start training.”

First off she’s probably “always on the road” because she’s giving road head…and I’m sure that will help her burn some extra calories.  I mean the poof on her head must be like a 15 pound weight anyway.  And what “diet” did this douche write for her?  And why would he publicly tell people this especially after Snooki discussed her old eating disorder?  Poor Snooki.  Maybe just decrease the pickle intake to about 4 per day.

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