Snooki Lands in South Beach. Welcome to Miami, Bienvenguido a Miami!




Refreshed with a stack of sombreros, Snooki is doing her best Speedy Gonzales impression in caliente South Beach, Miami.  See what I’m doing with all the Spanish references?  I may be over it already.  Anygtl, Snooki Gonzales met up with her other cast-mates like JWoww ShamWow, who is slowly channeling Charo in that dress (coochie! coochie!), and Grandpa Situation (who is already a sweaty mess).

Now don’t be so distraught if you don’t see your other favorite Jersey Shore friends that you completely wax off your eyebrows and pencil them back in with a fine point Sharpie.  They’re all there.  You can see the back of Ronnie and the camera and forehead of Vinnie in the last photo (the odd eyebrows give him away).  And Pauly D/Ellen Travolta, Sammi SweatStains, and even the “not ready for primetime” player, Angelina, have all touched down in Miami too!

The amount of gel and waxing products that had to be divided up into 400 3 ounce bottles just to get on the plane must have been historic!  Personally, I can’t wait to hear Snooki (on a constant loop) say “I’m in Miami, b*tch!”  And you totally know that JWoww ShamWow will be trading in her drunken ham and water for some Churro’s y Chocolate and a “Shock Therapy” from Wet Willie’s.  Yeah, it’s coming.  Trust me.

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