Snooki Back on Saturday Night Live (SNL Update)

Hey America!  It’s your girl….Snooki!  During Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live (or “SNL” as “the kids” call it), we were visited again by the one and only Snooki from Jersey Shore.  This time, however, Snooki (played by Bobby Moynihan) got it right by going from a dark tan (from the last time he played Snooki) to a nice even orange.  New updates also include a glittery red keg cup with an “S” on it and, in the end, an orange street cone with a “freakin’ poof” placed on top.  What could be better?  My favorite line this time around was, “We are, like, crazy famous right now.  Like, Buttafuoco famous.”  Brilliant.


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