Miami is Just a Trashy Stopover. Jersey Shore Season 2 Finishing Up at the Jersey Shore!


It’s like all of a sudden saying that the birth of Jesus took place in a bedazzled stainless steel manger in the sunny Caribbean.  You just can’t rewrite history like that.  Well the same goes for the trashmasters over at the Jersey Shore.  People (i.e me) were dumbfounded when they heard that Snooki and crew were filming the new season of Jersey Shore in South Beach, Miami.  Sure the tanning is more consistent and you can purchase a carved wooden duck on the beach all whilst getting your hair braided and drinking a 40, but pretending a place like “the boardwalk” in Seaside Heights never happened is, well, horrifying and a fate that none of us should ever have to live.  And, luckily we won’t.

MTV is officially reporting that while they are filming season 2 of Jersey Shore in South Beach, Miami, all the cast-members (that includes “Hefty Cinch Sak Angelina”) will be finishing up their filming in none other than the actual Jersey Shore.  Phew.  Hopefully this increases the chances that they not only “beat the beat” but also lovingly beat the bag out of each other.

While MTV confirms that all the cast-members will be returning, don’t be surprised if a few new cast-members are added to the mix once they all reach New Jersey, as casting has begun to potentially find Snooki 2.0 and even a possible JWhat.  I say just shellac the duck phone with bronzer and toss an Ed Hardy trucker hat on it and call it a day.  Get it?  Call it?  Double joke.

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