JWoww’s Boobs are Going to Catch Secondhand Smoke


Well.  As if we didn’t already know that JWoww ShamWow smelled like a mix between packaged ham, Sex on the Beach test tube shots, and burnt skin, we can finally add Misty 120’s to that list of scents as well.  I mean, it’s like her future perfume line invents itself.

JWoww was caught by the paparazzi as she leaved her Florida “home” while she’s filming season 2 of Jersey Shore.  Wearing an orange sheet that’s about one light summer breeze away from showing us her VagWow, JWoww was smoking a cigarette and increasing the chance that her rack was going to catch “the secondhand smoke” that all the doctors are up in arms about.  Well, she’s either smoking a cigarette or she’s doing that Vagina call with her fingers and her tongue, you know, the way truck drivers do when they’re racing up the highway in their 18-wheeler?  Yeah, like that.

Ok all done with this one.

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