JWOWW, Jenni Farley: Graphic Designer by Day, Guidette by Night


As if I couldn’t find a way to be even more confused by Jersey Shore, I’ve apparently hit tilt on the “What-in-the-Christ-O-Meter.”  After performing seconds of research I discovered a little gem of a website called a little something like www.jwoww.com.  I will now only refer to this site at “the Bible.”  In the Bible we learn a lot about out dear little Jenni Farley (the Irish lass of the Jersey Shore) including such wondrous pieces of information like:

  • JWOWW started her own Graphic Design firm. Gulp.
  • College educated.  Gulp.
  • Appointed Vice President of Marketing for a well known social networking website.  Gulp. Gulp.
  • Promotes her own diet/diet supplement which she claims allows you to lose 1-2 pounds per day. Gulp.

Well I know I now feel less safe as a citizen of the United States!  However I do feel a little better knowing that you can purchase the above photos in poster size on her website.  I’ve already ordered 2 of the posters where her ass is about to catch fire on the burning car.  Hopefully that sh*t she’s about to take on it will help extinguish the flames.  Anypoof, 1 poster for me, and the other poster will be sent directly to the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C.

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