Jersey Shore Cast on The View. I Feel Like Whoopi is Even Mad at Me for Watching.

It’s the dream just won’t end.  The cast of The Jersey Shore stopped by The View yesterday to chat with the ladies who all seemed like they were pissed off just because they all had to show up to work.  However, Barbara wasn’t there for the interview, which is probably great for us because the thought of trying to decipher what Barbara Walters is saying vs. what Grandpa Situation is saying is, well, too much work than I’m willing to do.

Check out all your favorites field questions from the “ladies” like what is their 5 and 20 year plan (I think Snooki’s poof fizzled over the math alone), if Ronnie is really a racist, and does Pauly D/Ellen Travolta wash his hair every night.  All riveting.

Is it just me or does listening to Grandpa Situation try to form a sentence want to make you stop what you’re doing and do about 15 minutes of flash cards with him?

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