Jersey Shore Cast Jaywalking on Leno = Early Christmas Gift from Jesus Claus


Is it normal that when Snooki, Grandpa Situation, and Pauly D from Jersey Shore were on Leno last night playing the Jaywalking game not only did I get a bunch of emails, but I also got text messages, including my dad telling me to immediately put on Leno to see this. Well, I think it’s normal. When you think of Jersey Shore you should think of IBBB. Such is life. Anywax, this clip was actually pretty entertaining and, once again, Snooki stole the spotlight. I won’t give anything away so you can enjoy it on your own, but all I have to say is that the Snooki punch may have actually done some good for her. Allegedly.




 Play the trivia game “Jersey Shore Hair…or Just an Animal?” by clicking on the video below:

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