Jersey Shore Cast in In Touch Weekly: It’s Like They’ve Never Held a Cup Before


Those wild and crazy kids from the Jersey Shore are in yet another magazine.  This time they’re playing dress-up and headed out to the Ritz-Carlton in NYC for an InTouch Weekly spread.  Haha, spread.  It was “opposites day” on the set so everyone got “dressed up” in their Sunday best.  This means that the guys all dressed up like they were 1990’s Boyz to Men, JWoww ShamWow and Sammi SweatStains did their best Sarah Palin, and Snooki dressed like the intern who goes on a blow-spree on her first day of work.

Seriously, have they never held a cup before?  Their faces make it seems like the tea cups are itchy.  If it’s not a shot glass or yard glass they have no idea what to do.  Ahhh youth.  Undeserving, untalented youth.  But youth, nonetheless.

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