Jersey Shore Cast Go “Jaywalking” on Jay Leno….Again.

I know this is 2 days old, but I can’t get enough.  The D-Bag Brigade that is the cast of the Jersey Shore showed up on the Tonight Show again to try their tanned hands at a little Jaywalking.  As always, my iced coffee straw could get more answers right than this crew, but, as always, their stupidity puts a smile on my wretched face.  My favorite topic is when everyone tries to decide who becomes President of the United States if the existing President and Vice President die.  Sammi SweatStains actually says, “Um, the wife?  Or somebody who knows a guy?”  Ding ding ding!  You’re wrong, but you’re still getting paid more than me for simply being an ignorant douche bag!

I also laughed when JWoww ShamWow thought that Kim Jung Il was Jackie Chan.  Oh that JWoww!  Class act til the end.

I’m dumber for watching, but happier.  Dumber, but happier.  Happier.

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