Her Appearance Fee Can’t Be More Than $49.99, Right?



Looks like someone made their luggage garbage bags into a red carpet dress!  Move over syphilis Martha Stewart because Angelina is coming up right behind you.  Angelina Pivarnick (who knew she had a last name?) showed up to the Three-O Vodka launch party in New York City the other night.  Three-O was out promoting their new vodka flavor and had I been invited to this event I would tell you what that flavor was.  Maybe its fetus flavor.  Maybe it’s road kill flavor.  One may never know.

Angelina, as you know, may be taking part in the 2nd season of Jersey Shore.   MTV has her on hold (similar to a 5150 on Britney Spears) and if they feel the need to use/exploit her they will and she will be more than willing to do so.

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