Grandpa Situation Got the Haircut That the Nuns Would Never Let Us Get



When I was in Catholic school in the 90’s, the nun would NEVER let any of us get the haircut that Grandpa Sitch is now sporting.  No, I’m not talking about the gel’d spikes, I’m talking about the two (and sometimes three) shaved lines on the side of his head.  Yeah, we all wanted to get that because the “public school” kids had that, but the nuns informed us that they were bad kids and come from bad families and that’s why they went to public school.  We also weren’t allowed to have the “rat tail” but, hell, my parents wouldn’t let me do that either. Oh, and some kids wanted to get the name of their city shaved into the back of their head.  I was a little more classy than that.  The only place I was showing my city support was up my jogging pants leg….and that was rolled up to my knee….on “gym day” only.

But enough about me (although there really is never enough), Jersey Shore’s “Grandpa Situation” forgot to tan the corners of his forehead and looks like he’s wearing a bronzer mask whilst on the red carpet at the Grand Opening of the Sugar Factory at Planet Hollywood (white-trash) in Vegas the other night.

And, just for fun, enjoy these wondrous photos of JWoww ShamWow during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (at Stage 37) yesterday.  Look how psyched she looks to be there.  Almost the same enthusiasm as during her one-on-one interviews during the Jersey Shore episodes.

jwoww-shamwow jwoww-shamwow-dress jwoww-shamwow-3

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