Some Lady Tries to Block Jennifer Aniston’s Upper Waist?

Wow. Who’s this chick with the bag? Is she Jennifer Aniston’s assistant? Friend? On call Debbie Downer? Either way someone needs to tell her that if she’s trying to prevent photographers from getting pictures of Jennifer Aniston’s face she’s gonna need to move her bag about 3 feet north of where it currently is. Perhaps Jennifer Aniston told her to make sure no one take any pictures of her space about 1 foot south of her rack. I mean, the possibilities are endless….or there’s only two possibilities. It’s hard to even follow what I’m talking about at this point.

Jennifer Aniston was sporting her black wifebeater pokies while heading out to Barney’s for a little shopping. I wonder if any of the paparazzi ask her if the Friends are really friends? I would totally still ask that. I don’t care that the show has been off the air for years. It’s still a solid question.

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