Jennifer Aniston’s Wedding

See what I did there with that title? You thought this was Jennifer Aniston’s actual wedding. Well you just got IBBB Punk’d. Take that Kutcher! Anyway, devoted IBBB reader, Kelly (aka Irish Stacey), was kind enough to send one of her friends out into a fake snowstorm in Philadelphia just the other day to snap up some pictures of Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson filming scenes for their upcoming movie, Marley & Me. In this movie I’m assuming Jennifer Aniston plays a bride who is a lot like Rachel Green from “Friends.” I say that because Jennifer Aniston always plays “Rachael” from Friends no matter what movie she’s in. Why do I feel like after this scene was shot, Jennifer Aniston went home in that wedding dress and stayed in it for the entire weekend?
Nice job to “Irish Stacey’s” friend who took these pictures…especially the last one in which I’m pretty sure they were lodged in between 2 tree branches. There’s a paparazzi future in the making!
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