Jennifer Aniston’s New Nose Kinda Looks Like Her Old Nose, No?

So either Jennifer Aniston did get a nose job and it wasn’t money well spent or she just didn’t get a nose job. To me, her nose looks the same. Jennifer was at the 22nd Annual Santa Barbara International Film Festival Awards when these photos were snapped. I never thought her nose looked bad before and I’m not one to judge people based on their looks. Ha, just kidding that one was just for us. Of course, like everyone, I judge people based on their looks. If it wasn’t for that what else would you judge them on? I mean, I’m not really into committing to a whole conversation in order to get to know them. Therefore, I am only left with physical appearance. Just for the record though, I am a fan of Jennifer Aniston and I’m not concerned with what her nose looks like. That’s not what I’m after. What? I’m after her mind. Her mind.
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