Jennifer Aniston Mastered the “Sitting” Pose



So I came across (not literally) Jennifer Aniston on the cover of Russian Shape Magazine (random I know) and realized that I’ve seen Aniston in a similar pose many times before.  She really mastered the “sitting” pose and the “play with strand of hair” pose and, of course, the ever popular “hunch over a little” pose.”  Look, I’m not hating on her, but let’s switch it up a bit.  I don’t know, try standing whilst playing with a strand of hair.  Or maybe stand while hunching over a little.  Now I know that Tyra has done every pose that has ever been created, including future poses that have yet to be created, but maybe Tyra can help?  While she’s at it, if she could ask Jennifer if the “Friends” were really friends, that would help me out tremendously.

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