I'd Have Some Questions for Jennifer Aniston…and I Think You Know What They Are




Jenny Aniston (she let’s me call her “Jenny” she just doesn’t know it) was out and about in NYC yesterday while shooting scenes for an upcoming film called, “Why Was Gunther Even on ‘Friends?'”  I kid, of course.  I have no idea what movie she’s shooting, but one thing is for sure…she will, yet again, be playing “Jennifer Aniston” in this role.

I would like to know why I never see Aniston while I’m out in NYC.  I would have many questions for her.  Of course, the first question would be “Are the ‘Friends’ really friends?”  I would, however, expand my line of questioning to include, “Were you and Ross really on a break,” as well as “Are you going to bring back ‘The Rachel'” and also, “Are you still trying to have Brad Pitt’s baby?”  I figure I can get a good three questions in before her bodyguard turns me into a human suitcase and tosses me onto the mean streets of New York. 

Mark my words, one day I will get these questions answered.  Mark my words with a “brick red” color Crayola crayon.  Thanks.

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