Crap! Aniston Sees Us!

First of all, let me just say that me gusta Jennifer Aniston. Also, me gusta Churros y Chocolate. A lot of people give me crap for liking Jennifer Aniston and you wanna know what I tell those people? I tell them that their mothers are whores. That typically quites them down. Anyfriends, Jen (that’s what I call her) was just trying to enjoy a little rest and relaxation while in Mexico when she spotted a paparazzi dude that was probably hiding behind a Churro stand or a banana boat and what’s the first thing she does? She covers her vagina. Good move. It’s a good lesson to all the young celebrity girls out there. If you discover someone trying to take your picture, it doesn’t matter if you have clothes on or not, just cup your vagina like it’s leaking oil and you’ll be fine.

Jen then grabbed her own camera to pull the old, “I’ll take a picture of you, how do you like it” trick to the paps. However, she then sat back down after she realized those pictures would get her a dime.

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