2 Questions for Jennifer Aniston’s Ass

I have 2 questions for Jennifer Aniston’s ass. (1) Are the “Friends” really friends? (2) Will there be a Friends reunion? I think those are two great questions to ask anyones ass, let alone Jennifer Aniston’s. Jenny Jen (as I call her with her knowing it) was vacationing in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for the new year, also known as 2008. There are many rumors flying about Jenny Jen being “with child” but her stomach doesn’t look like it has a human being stuffed inside of it. Sure she could be like 2 weeks pregnant, but I’m going to say that this rumor is false. I say this as an expert guessing if cast members of Friends are pregnant. So far I’ve been correct 7 out of 8 times (you do the math).

Moving on, Jenny Jen rung/rang in the new year with some dude who was in Sex in the City (which I refuse to ever watch) and Courtney Cox and Courtney’s financially grateful husband, David Arquette. I’m sure Courtney and David are hoping Jennifer Aniston is pregnant so that she stops celebrating every holiday on the calendar with them. I say, if she’s pregnant where are the receipts?

In conclusion, I’m sure that Jen Aniston’s boobs are a little jealous that her ass is now getting all the photo love. I miss them.

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