When Heidi Dies, This is the Video My Jesus Will Show Her

I’ve made more crap videos than I know what do with. I’m not quite sure what that means, but perhaps you’ve seen them. Heidi Montard has a music video out that she made herself for her wonderful dance ballad “Overdosin.” You saw the pictures earlier this week and now you get to enjoy the 10 minute music video.

I know Heidi’s been talking a lot about Jesus and her faith recently, but I’m pretty sure Jesus didn’t create her vaginastein so that she can cover it with tights and spandex and then lift her leg over her head. Perhaps he did. It’s hard to tell with Jesus. Speaking of which, when Heidi dies, before she is sent directly to the fiery pits of hell for all eternity, Jesus will make her watch this video. I’m sure he’ll strike up a deal in which if she can watch the whole thing without turning red in embarrassment she can bring her horse from Crested Butte with her to hell. Maybe he’ll even let her ride it there.

Honestly I don’t even recommend watching this. I’ve taken one for the team. I watched the full 10 minutes and I’ll never be the same again. I’m almost certain I’m sterile.


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