Oh Thank God! Heidi Montag is Getting Bigger Boobs.


Heidi Montag’s Triple G sized breasts are so March 2010.  It’s time to spruce up her body again so Heidi is planning on going under the knife once again to make her boobs even bigger.  Having said in the past that she wants to get a size “H” for Heidi, it is likely that this is the size she will be pumped up to.  I have to admit I almost wish her name was Zelda so that she could get size “Z” boobs and then have to have Spencer walk her around like a wheelbarrow because her boobs will be weighing her down to the ground.  I also think it’s a great idea for Heidi to go under the knife again because it’s only a matter of time before one of those times the anesthesia won’t work and she’ll be awake while they’re cutting her open but won’t be able to open her eyes.  It’s a numbers game, really.  She should get her knees done while she’s at it because they’re starting to look a little faaaaaaaaaaaat.

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