Hey Heidi! Why the Long Face?

We wouldn’t be able to close out the week without a little Heidi Montard, now would we? Heidi called the paparazzi and they all headed out to try on some clothes and take pictures of Heidi at, where I can only assume is, Sears. Not that there’s anything wrong with Sears, but I just feel that Heidi’s hair would more than likely smell like a Sears Bed-in-a-Bag. No? I think you know I’m right.

I’m not quite sure why Heidi’s new boobs look like the plastic He-Man chest that I used for my Halloween costume when I was little, but I digress. Regardless it’s great that Heidi has the paparazzi “following” her around wherever she goes. I can only hope to get to that status at some point in my life. Although I would be much more interesting than Heidi as I would have the paparazzi filming me ordering a medium iced-coffee with extra milk and a plain bagel, toasted, with plain cream cheese on it from Dunkin Donuts. I think people will really want to see pictures of that and, hell, I want people to see pictures of that. Someday.
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