Heidi Montag’s New Lips

How did I not know about this when it happened? Damn the war in Iraq for keeping me preoccupied. Anyway, Heidi Montard has continued her assault on my eyes and went under the knife again (sorta) and got herself some store-bought-new-lips! These new lips BETTER NOT take away from her teeth, that’s half her personality. Now Audrina could go for the lip injections just to really even out the mouth area. Hey, at least now Heidi’s lips don’t have to feel left out. Nose? Done. Chin? Shaved. Boobs? Inflated. Lips? Puffed out. Hopefully she’ll go for that elbow surgery that I’ve been reading up on.
Heidi’s new lips debuted not too long ago when she was having dinner with her boyfriend, Steve Sanders, and his sister Sandy Sanders at Katsuya in Brentwood, CA. With all the shit talking and ass kissing that Heidi has to do I guess these new lips will cause less pain.

For me it’s a real toss up if she’s looking more like Chris Crocker (leave Britney alooooone) or Joan Rivers. Ok, so for now it’s Chris Crocker, but give it about 3 years and 7 months and she’ll be edging her way closer to Joan Rivers. Just pinch her nose and we’re halfway there!

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