Heidi Montag Heading Back to Playboy Because, You Know, You Don’t Buy a New Car Just to Hide It in the Garage


If you’re like me and want to see just exactly what Heidi Montag ordered from the plastic surgeon you just may be in luck!  It’s being reported that Heidi, along with her completely dead face, are in talks to make another appearance on the pages of Playboy magazine.  If you recall from Heidi’s first Playboy shoot, she remained completely clothed in which she just could have gotten the same outcome from appearing on the cover of TV Guide.  This time, however, Heidi may be ready to show the world her rack-attack and possibly even her “gentlemen greeter.”  According to some random source, “She is currently speaking with [Playboy photographer] Matthew Rolston [about] a steamy, soapy, shower concept showing her boobs through the shower door.”

“Boobs through the door” is the new “Pants on the Ground.”  I think Matthew Rolston should take my idea of the photo above for Heidi’s possible cover.  Who’s with me?

Boobs through the door, boobs through the door.  Lookin’ like a whore with your boobs through the door.

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